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Centurion Discovery is committed to turning each client into a business partner. Business partners aren’t interested in transactions – they are active listeners and invested in understanding each client’s uniquie business demands to better craft effective solutions. 

Our Story


Centurion Discovery is the vision of two resourceful and innovative brothers who came to the US seeking refuge from a war-torn homeland. Together, they laid the foundation of a legal services business that has served Denver and Las Vegas for over 17 years.

Starting with a small copy / scan operation, Val and Jetmir have grown Centurion to incorporate leading edge e-discovery technologies covering forensic data collection, high-speed data processing and the latest advances in modern document review.

Centurion clients cover a wide spectrum from the largest corporations and law firms to local, solo practitioners. We combine our experienced e-discovery consultants with the best technology our industry offers to craft common sense, budget-conscious solutions for our partners.

The Centurion Philosophy


Centurion Discovery is committed to becoming a partner of each client.  We are not solely interested in transactional work but rather, an evolving relationship tailored to the unique demands of each case team. Over time, this active listening and understanding creates a customized blend of technology and project management solutions to better serve you. We strive for an opportunity to earn a “seat at the table” by providing best practice workflows and insight from experienced litigation consultants. 

About Us

Document Repositories

We encourage our corporate partners to consider the cost-savings of a document repository designed to address the needs of recurring litigation by managing document data across multiple matters. We work closely with in-house legal teams designing a core document repository containing key documents that appear in multiple litigations. Why pay to review these recurring documents over and over?

Traditional eDiscovery Phases

We’ve got you covered from left to right of the EDRM.

  • Collection  –  Forensic Images and Analysis, Mobile Phone Collection, Sharepoint, Legacy Apps and even paper from water-logged warehouses.

  • Processing  –  Industry standard tools run by pros.

  • Review  –  We’re a fan of established solutions so we support both Relativity and IPRO’s Eclipse – both industry leaders.

  • Production  –  We’ve produced every combination of native, image, metadata and load file. You give us the specs and we execute with attention to detail and on time.

Copy  •  Scan  •  Print

Traditional paper services with our traditional commitment to accomodating tight deadlines, actual QC and value pricing.

Manuals & Tutorials

Jetmir Zymeri   |    Partner

Jetmir is recognized as a national leader in the design of e-discovery platforms and infrastructure. His years of experience guiding Centurion partners through complex, multi-party litigation form our core philosophies. Aside from Jetmir’s technical expertise, he’s a patient and informative project manager. When the largest cases come through the door, we look to Jetmir to steer the strategy and work closely with the client ensuring consistent successful outcomes.

Val Zymeri   |    Partner

Val is the heartbeat of Centurion – he consistently spots the industry trends and positions us for success when our competition is lagging behind. I’m always struck that Val is greeted by our most trusted clients with hearty hugs instead of handshakes. When we need to make investments in technology, infrastructure or another talented team member, Val is the one planting our flag and boldly moving forward.


Kevin Collins   |    Senior eDiscovery Consultant/Business Development

Kevin brings a combination of team leadership, strategic planning, and business development skills that have leveraged along with the working knowledge of our industry's latest legal software and workflows to meet and exceed expectations. Through leveraging current technology trends combined with industry knowledge, Kevin consults successfully with firms and corporations on how to save time, reduce costs while ensuring consistent product quality in a defensible manner.

Get in touch with us

Centurion Discovery administrative staff would be happy to hear from you—whether it’s a comment, feedback or a sales inquiry. We will gladly respond within 24 hours.

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Denver Office

1355 S Colorado Blvd  •   Building C, Suite 820   •   Denver, CO 80222

Office 303.645.4555   •   Fax 303.645.4556

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